Traditional & Fusion Bellydance Artistry

Instructional + Performance Experience*:

Pagan/Spiritual Events  (partial list)
Pantheacon, San Jose, CA: 2003-2004, 2014-2016
Paganicon, Minneapolis, MN: 2016
Many Gods West, Olympia, WA: 2016
Puget Sound Pagan Pride, Tacoma, WA: 2014-2015
FaerieCon West, Seattle, WA: 2013
Tapestry Dance Retreat, Providence, RI: 2011

Steampunk & Fan Events (partial list)
Clockwork Alchemy, San Jose, CA: 2013-2016
The Steampunk World's Fair, Piscataway, NJ: 2014, 2016
DragonCon, Atlanta, GA: 2012, 2014-2016
Steamposium, Seattle, WA: 2014-2015
TempleCon, Warwick, RI: 2010-2012, 2015
SteamCon IV, Seattle, WA: 2012
The Great New England Steampunk Exhibition, Fitchburg, MA: 2011

Steampunk Industrial Revolution, Nashua, NH: 2011-2012

International Steampunk City, Waltham, MA: 2010-2011
Convergence 11, San Diego, CA: 2005
Wild Wild West Con, Tuscon, AZ: 2014-2015

Bellydance Events
  (partial list)
Dangerous Curves, Spokane, WA: 2016

Rakkasah Spring Caravan, Somerset, NJ: 2010-2011, 2014, 2016
Waking Persephone, Providence, RI: 2012-2016
Medfest, Seattle, WA: 2012-2016
Tribal Fest, Sebastopol, CA: 2005-2013, 2015

Tribal Revolution, Chicago, IL: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
Ooky Spooky, Kalamazoo, MI: 2011, (2016)

Art of the Belly, Ocean City, MD: 2013
Angels & Absinthe, St. Louis, MO: 2011-2013
Beach Blanket Beledi, Nags Head, NC: 2008, 2013
Tamalyn Dallal's Orientalia, Bothell, WA (2013)

Tribal Fusion Faire, San Luis Obispo, CA: 2004-8, 2011

Gothla US, California: 2008-2010

Tribal Treffen (Germany): 2010

Gothla UK: 2007-2008
Athens, Greece (Afro Keri): 2009

Teplice, Czech Republic (Stania): 2008
Dillenburg & Hanover, Germany: 2008

3rd Coast Tribal, Dallas, TX: 2007
Animus, Boston, MA (2011-2012)

Abraxas Dance Theater, Boston, MA (2012)
Cues & Tattoos, Seattle, WA (2013-2014)

Raks Spooki, Boston, MA (2006-2011)

Rakkasah East, Somerset, NJ (2007-2010)

Rakkasah Spring Caravan, Somerset, NJ (2007-2011)

Tim Rayborn's "The Flame & The Shadow" 2007 (Los Angeles, San Francisco)

Fantasy Festival, San Leandro, CA (2003-2006)

Cairo Carnivale, Glendale, CA (2002-2006)

Rakkasah, Richmond, CA (2003-2006)

MECDA (Middle Eastern Culture & Dance Association) Gala Event Shows (2004-2006)

The Living Goddess Dance Theater, Marin, CA(2002-2006)

The Niger Benefit, San Francisco, CA (2005)

Live Music Special Guests/Tours:

Ego Likeness, Stoneburner, Frenchy & The Punk, The Nathaniel Johnstone Band, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, The Ghosts Project, Jill Tracy, The Last Dance, Abney Park, House of Tarab, The Cog Is Dead, & many more...


Bellydance Tours:

Ocean to Sea Tour 2012 (June 16th-30th)

Spencer, MA (Dina, Gypsy's Cauldron) - Syracuse, NY (Chelle) - Buffalo, NY (Darkly Sparkly) - Youngstown, OH (Eos Whole Fitness & Bellydance) - Kalamazoo, MI (Boheme Tribal) - Madison, WI (Dance Life Studio) - Minneapolis, MN (Eye of Horus) - Billings, MT (Spiral Skies Bellydance Troupe) - Spokane, WA (Parizadah)

The Durga Tour 2009 (May 1st - June 16th - listing of stops with sponsor links is here)

Richmond, VA (Fire In the Belly), Raleigh-Durham, NC (Sara Beaman & The Devoted Bellydance Collective), Columbia, SC (Natalie Brown & Delirium Tribal), Nashville, TN (Sidonia), Ft. Smith, AR ( Saffron Moon Bellydance), Amarillo, TX (Sahara N'ar), Albuquerque, NM (Felecia & Ted), Sacramento, CA (Unmata - Hot Pot Studio), Ashland, OR (Maia), Tri-Cities, WA (Troupe du Soleil), Seattle, WA (Skin Deep Dance), Missoula, MT (Julia LaTray), Moab, UT (Jamilla & Desert Veils), Lincoln, NE (Benu/Dancers Oasis), Kansas City, MO ((Belliphat), Burlington, IA (Tribal Attitude), Minneapolis, MN (Mourning Doll Playhouse & Undercrypt Productions), Kenosha, WI ( Amarain Belly Dance), Chicago, IL (Sonya of Arabesque), Bloomington, IN (Dark Drummer Productions), Cincinnati, OH (Zahara's Tangled Web), Ann Arbor, MI (Lunatic Vagabonds & The Unveiled Dance Co), Buffalo, NY (Bellydance Academy), Boston, MA (Badriya), Pawtucket, RI (World Dance & Music Center)

Movin'Th'Mischief Tour - One Week in 2007

San Diego, CA, Tempe, A Z, Amarillo, TX, Oklahoma City, OK, Louisville, KY, Cincinnati, OH

The Durga Tour 2006 (September 13th- October 21st, listing of stops with sponsor links is here)

Sacramento, CA (Badi'a Fusion), Salt Lake City, UT (Kashmir Dance Company), Lincoln, Nebraska (Basharaat), Minneapolis, MN (Undercrypt Productions & Mischievous Djinn), Quad Cities, Iowa (Ancient Rhythms Dance Studios), Chicago, IL (Sonya of Arabesque Dance), Bloomington, IN (Jeana), Louisville, KY (Taletha / TL2 Productions), Columbus, OH (Aneaj / The Hip Drop), Buffalo, NY (Kadri/Heartbeat of the East World Dance Studio), Pittsburgh, PA (Khafif), Washington, DC (DC Tribal), Boston, MA (Badriya), Richmond, VA (Richmond Tribal Coalition), Carrboro, NC (Sara Beaman), Knoxville, TN (Gypsy Hands), Nashville,TN (Stella Luna Tribal Cult), Springfield, MO (Red Moon Tribe), Oklahoma City, OK (A Mirage Dance Company), Albuquerque, NM (Shoshona - Reflecting The Moon), Flagstaff, AZ (Troupe Shuvani), Palmdale, CA (Hips of Fury)


*This is only a partial list of performances, workshops, and classes that Tempest has been a part of from 2005-current - it does not include weekly classes and local workshops (taught in NJ, RI, and WA), and a very long list of haflas, community events, cabaret shows, lectures and panels, private shows/parties, restaurant performances, and many other stage shows and events that the memory worm has eaten.


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