Traditional & Fusion Bellydance Artistry

Tempest returns to Minneapolis!

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017, 7-9pm
Jawaahir Studio - 3010 Minnehaha Ave, Mpls, 55406

Genderblending in Bellydance: Balancing Masculine & Feminine

Throughout North Africa, the Middle & Far East & the Mediterranean, you will find dances done by both men and women where they impersonate the opposite sex, retelling treasured stories, playing with courtship rituals, working with the spirits, and just having a lot of fun - part of these cultures for centuries. Fast forward to the many issues facing modern society as we continue to sort out and break away from traditional gender roles, explore diverse sexual orientation and their related social implications, and balance sexual power and rights. What does it mean to be a bellydancer in this day and age? Where does fusion take us? Sexuality vs. sensuality?From bold and aggressive, sassy and playful, strong and iconic, to delicate and sensual - how do these movements translate energy and change perception? In this unique workshop, we will explore folkloric and fusion dances, movements, and gestures that push boundaries and see how these can generate different energies in how we dance and who we present ourselves.

Limit 28 students
Online registration is closed.
$50 each at the door.
No refunds unless the workshop is canceled. 
You may transfer or sell your spot if necessary.

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