Traditional & Fusion Bellydance Artistry

Sigil Sunday: Two Workshops!

Sunday, February 5th, 2017 1-4:30pm
Location: Tempest's home studio in the Central District of Seattle.  Address will be sent to registered attendees.

1-2:30pm: Sigil Witchery: The Art of Sigil Magick
Are you intimidated by the idea of Sigil Magick? Do you think it's only for Ceremonial Magicians? Afraid you may make a mistake or aren't an artist? Fear not! Ancient civilizations from around the globe have harnessed the power of the drawn line to make their mark on the world. We'll look at the basic elements that make up all symbols, what they can mean for you, and how to safely and respectfully incorporate them into your own personal practice. Bring a notebook and writing tool!

3-4:30pm: Sigils in Motion: Meaning in Movement

Get out of your head, and learn to unite body and spirit while adding another level of meaning to movement.  We'll look at the impact certain shapes have on our bodies in terms of energy for yourself as well as an audience - in terms of both physical technique and emotional response.
his class is applicable to performance concepts and personal practice.  All levels.

Limit 10 students per workshop.
Online registration is $25 per workshop, or $45 for both by 2/3. 
$35 each at the door if space is available.
No refunds unless the workshop is canceled. 
You may transfer or sell your spot if necessary.

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