A new instructional DVD, due out Fall 2014!

After the very successful release of the "Bellydance Artistry" - Tempest's first self-produced instructional DVD - in Spring 2011, many have asked when the next one will be out. Well, we're on track for the next project to release this Fall, are you ready?

Since the release of her first ground-breaking instructional DVD "Bellydance for Beautiful Freaks" in 2006 through WDNY, Tempest has taught hundreds of workshops all over the world, and has focused intensely on refining and defining her unique style of bellydance - both in instruction and performance. She is one the most recognized innovators of fusion bellydance, praised for both her accessible teaching style and solidly artistic performances. The DVD "Bellydance Artistry" has helped hundreds of dancers expand their own dancing through dynamic exercises that enhance movement quality, fun and unique combinations, and a focus on deepening artistry in the dance.

"DecoDance" follows in this style, pulling inspiration from the beauty and elegant style of the Art Deco Era and blending it with Bellydance:
* Exquisite Armwork & Elegant Motion Exercises *
* New DecoPunk/Nouveau Noir Combinations *
* Theatricality & Drama in Bellydance *
*3 Performances *
* 6 New Songs by Nathaniel Johnstone *

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*photo by Carrie Meyer | The Dancer's Eye

The DVD will feature:

Exquisite Arms & Entrancing Hands
Learn Tempest's secrets to having amazingingly beautiful arms and hands. Frame your body and your dance more powerfully, deepen your ability to express more with your dancing. Exercises focus on each vital region of the arm, and putting them together in combinations to strengthen your arms and build internal grace.

Elegant Motion Exercises

Head-to-toe practice combinations that enable you to access your core more effectively, and teach you to create more beautiful lines with your body.

Fusion Finesse - Decopunk!
A dozen new signature combinations that embody the Nouveau Noir Style, perfect for that special touch of vintage elegance and sassy flavor - all solidly based in bellydance technique with creative twists. These movements blend the elegance and grace of Art Deco, sassy earthy elements of North African, Vintage Oriental, Romany and Turkish dances, with an unapologetic punk attitude. Instructional breakdown + in-depth practice flow so you can review the movements at your own pace along with Tempest! Steampunk, Neo-Victorian, Gothic Oriental, DecoPunk, Flapper/1920's.

Overall Running Time: Expected to be between 2.5-3 hours total!

Featuring original music by Nathaniel Johnstone

The music will be available for download once the DVD is released so you can practice and perform to it as well!

Nathaniel's music is beautiful, heartfelt, expertly crafted, and the pieces created for this project are especially geared towards dancers, merging Nouveau Noir and Arabic influences.

You can receive a special discount code for downloading the songs from the DVD when you donate in the fundraiser!

Help Make it Happen!
Estimated delivery/shipping of DVDs & Rewards
is October 2014.

Current Total: $2920!! | Goal: $2800

Donation Level
Warm Fuzzies: $10
Our sincere thanks and discount code for the music download! (6 songs!)
Getting Real: $20
Our sincere thanks, a 6 song CD of the music featured on the DVD + a special limited edition print of artwork by Tempest.
A Balanced Dish: $40
Our sincere thanks, the DVD, 6 song CD, a special limited edition print of artwork by Tempest, + discount code for the music download!
Elite Ertesque
Our sincere thanks, a SIGNED copy of the DVD + your name listed in the special thanks section of the DVD**, SIGNED 6 song CD, a limited edition print of artwork by Tempest, + discount code for the music download!
Fabulous Fanpack: $75
All of the $50 Rewards + Button set that includes some of Tempest's classic sayings: Reach for the Sky Bunny, Pet Your Wall Kittens, Protect Your Princess, Happy Armpits!, & Satisfied! + a Canvas Tote/Book Bag featuring the "Tempest/Klimt" Design.
A Patron of the Arts: $200
All of the "Fabulous Fanpack" Rewards + Have Tempest create a custom piece of artwork for you - a small black/white drawing (your choice of subject matter) or design services for a business card, banner, flyer, or postcard.
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Q: I want to donate, but I don't have a credit card - can I pay by check or money order?

A: Yes! You can donate at any level via check or money order (or cash if you're local). Just write us for the payment and address info.

Q. I can only donate a little right this moment, but can I donate more in the near future and how would that work?
A. We appreciate anything you can donate to make this happen (we're on a budget too, hence this fundraiser, and so we we understand!), so let's say you donate $20 now, and $20 in 2 weeks, you'll go up to "A Balanced Dish", because we'll keep track of it for you. Whatever level your total amount reaches, is what you will get (and who knows, maybe more!)

Q. When will I get my DVD/rewards?
A. We are estimating that the DVDs will be ready in late November/early December. Everyone who donates will be added to a special newsletter which will let you know exactly how things are going and when you can expect your DVD.

Q. How does the music download and discount code work?
A. The music used on the DVD will be available online for purchase. Each donation level will have an increasing amount of discount code that will be made available when the DVD is released. The discount code will only be actively available for a limited amount of time, and sent only to donors.

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