Tempest's Patterns!


You can order in stock patterns!

- This package includes patterning for the "open front" bolero-style corset vest design, the "closed front overbust" design, the "underbust" support for a "move-friendly Turkish Vest" look, and how to add tails to any design.

-All vest designs feature back and side corseting for the best fit, regardless of shoulder,
back, rib, or bust size.

-Pattern gradients easily accommodate S-XXL sizes.

- Includes style tips for Gothic, Steampunk, "Gypsy", Tribal/Folkloric, and Cabaret looks.

"Open Front" with "Underbust"
"Overbust With Tails"
Corseted Back

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About Design & Copyright: These patterns are for PERSONAL USE ONLY and are protected by US and international copyright laws. It is illegal to make items from these patterns with the intent to resale. Please respect the designer's rights and behave appropriately. Or the Gothfia will come for you. And you don't want that.

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