"Bellydance Artistry with Tempest"

Since the release of her first instructional DVD "Bellydance for Beautiful Freaks" in 2006 through WDNY, Tempest has taught hundreds of workshops all over the world, and has focused intensely on refining and defining her unique style of bellydance - both in instruction and performance.

She is one of the most recognized innovators of fusion bellydance, praised for both her accessible teaching style and solidly artistic performances.

And now Tempest is pleased to announce that she has produced her own instructional/performance DVD that will help you to craft your own artful performances while developing personal style and deepening the quality of your dancing.

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The DVD includes:

Tempest's Dance-based Warm-Up Program
Utilizes dance movement to get you warmed up and ready to work + use as a daily exercise routine.

Foundation Flow/Elemental Energy
Designed to enable you to get the most out of your movements, and add more meaning to them from head to toe, in 4 exercises.

Fusion Finesse - Nouveau Noir Style

15 signature combinations + 10 arm accents that embody the Nouveau Noir Style - a perfect mix of vintage elegance and sassy flavor, all based in bellydance technique with creative twists. Instructional breakdown + practice sets so you can review the movements at your own pace! If you're looking to add some new moves to your dance, or want to create more effective fusion, you'll have a LOT to work with! Influences: Steampunk, Neo-Victorian, Gothic Oriental, DecoPunk, Flapper/1920's

Creating Dynamic Performances

Get an exclusive look into how Tempest creates a performance. She will guide you on constructing a dynamic artistic performance including concept, costuming, movements, music, execution, and more.

Includes 2 new performances - "Odalisque" and "The Heart Unwound"!

Featuring original music by Nathaniel Johnstone
(of Abney Park & The Nathaniel Johnstone Band), also available for download so you can practice and perform to it!

Running Time: 140 minutes (2 hours, 20 mins)
Feedback & Praise for Bellydance Artistry!

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$30.00ppd domestic (USA & Canada), $35.00ppd international - just choose your option below. Thank you!

10/1/2014 - Sorry! the DVD is currently SOLD OUT! We are looking into reprinting it ASAP.

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